My online Journal #1

Something strange happens to Anna and none of her friends are free for a chat..So she decides to start her own online journal..

I left home at the age of 24; feeling excited, immortal and unstoppable. Please don’t laugh, but for an average small-town girl, flying thousands of miles away from home on her own, and for the first time – it was a pretty thrilling experience..

When I watched the landscapes of my motherland from the bird’s point of view; it got me thinking: 

“What the hell am I doing? Do I even want to go to London?” 

Well. It was too late anyway. I was sitting on a plane…And I couldn’t get rid of the picture of my crying mum at the airport. 

Oh, mums..They dramatize it too much sometimes, don’t they?
Don’t get me wrong.. I love my parents – unconditionally. My mum and dad have always been there for me. I am so grateful to grow up in a house full of love. And I return my love too…


I grew up. I wanted to live my own life..

Photo from Unsplash – Becca Tapert

Over the years; my mum made me feel guilty for moving so far away. She won’t stop asking when I am moving back home..She won’t stop asking why I don’t want to move back home..” Are you happy, Anna?” She asks me every time I call her..But you must know that I lead a decent life. I have everything that I need. Well, almost. Or maybe not at all.

I am single and in love with books. I share an apartment with other two girls – younger than me. I don’t care. Well, maybe I do, but they keep my spirit young at least.. Most of my friends are married and have kids. I love kids..And I love babies too..cuddling them..smelling their feet..admiring their tiny hands..

But I like when it’s time for them to go back to their parents..I guess it’s because I never pictured myself being a single mother..Not that I ever wanted to be one, but there is something wrong with the male population lately. Did you notice it too?

The divorced guys want to have cool and child-free girlfriends with hot pictures on Instagram. The single ones don’t want to have kids.

I live in Jane’s shadow…

My job is fine, but I wish they could give me more responsibilities. I am tired of being someone’s assistant at the age of 35. I work for an advertising company; helping with social media content creation..It pays my bills, but all my hard work is credited to Jane..My line manager..I live in Jane’s shadow.

So what does this all mean for me? Never getting married..Never having kids..Never having a proper job..I guess..

Every Saturday, I sit in a leather chair by the window in my local library and skim through romance stories. I escape into my own world and since I don’t have a boyfriend; I date the ones from the books – don’t judge me; it could be lame for you, but not for me.

I have a good social life..Once a week I meet with Liz for a coffee. We work in the same department. She is a graphic designer…And every Saturday evening I have dinner plans with friends..including single girlfriends not only with mum friends who invite me to their homes and we wait for their kids to fall asleep to have a glass of red..And I am pretty active on social media if that counts for being social! Not having hot Instagram pictures, but I love baking..

Pretty dull life story, huh?

Picture from Unsplash – Charles Deluvio

But something weird happened the other day, and I have no one to tell!

My “mum friends” are busy..My “single girlfriends” are probably dating, the two girls I live with went travelling. And I am not calling my mum!

So here I am starting my online journal!

But back to my story..

I was getting hot chocolate like every Thursday after work..I don’t usually eat in, but I did that day for a change..There was a gentleman..I think he was about the age of 60 – grey hair; wrinkled face; wrinkled hands; smart shoes; white-collar top and blue trousers from H&M – I saw those trousers on display the other day. He was sitting there with his laptop; eating a blueberry muffin and typing away..

Nothing weird right until..

He started talking to me. I answered a couple of times because I was polite, and his voice was so soft and harm..But then he told me the strangest thing..

Oh, hang phone is ringing.. It’s my mum..

Will be right back!


FREE Hertfordshire What's On / Where to Go / What to Do Guide

Photo from Primary Times Website:

I am a runner – not a professional runner, though. I run from dawn to dusk, Monday to Sunday, January to December – nearly every day it’s the same  – morning school run, work, afternoon school pick-up, home time, dinner time, homework, laundry, writing by night, and that’s why I fell in love with Primary Times for Hertfordshire, my number one guide, which saves me time. With the impeccable content, I can plan our precious family moments efficiently. Are you running daily marathons too? Then you may want to keep reading!!!

Photo by Marisa Howenstine – Unsplash

About a week ago, I was lucky enough to find Primary Times magazine in my daughter’s school bag. I started reading it with delight. On the 27th of March, thousands of people will be wearing hats – one of the articles said. Are you wondering why? It’s for a good cause. Our students and staff will be joining the Wear A Hat Day fundraising event with many others too. The fundraising kit is on the way with a list of tips on how to run successful fundraising events. I work in an English Language School, and this event is a great opportunity to work with students and staff as one team. We are glad to support the most important brain tumour research in the UK. Anyone can join, here is their website:

Or it might be that you are looking to find a perfect venue for a birthday party or, you are interested to learn about the latest educational trends, or you may be seeking the next family fun event to go to. Whatever it is, with Primary Times, you can avoid countless hours of online searching on a Saturday morning or rushing to attend the next event just because your friend messaged you last minute. Instead, you can have your calendar packed with Hertfordshire Primary Times tips far in advance!

My Two Favourite Birthday Places listed in Primary Times

Photo from Cinnamon Square Website:

Hands-On Baking Parties and Workshops: How about organising a birthday party where children can dip their tiny fingers in dough and create something fun and tasty? All this and much more while you are sipping a cappuccino and enjoying a cake. If this sounds appealing, then Cinnamon Square may be on your list! It’s located in Rickmansworth and here is their website:

XC Adventurous party: The XC venue in Hemel Hempstead is a paradise for anyone with an adventurous soul. Have you ever thought about throwing a climbing party with food or skatepark parties with food and much more? Then you may like to visit their website:

More Tips From Primary Times

Are you ready to win a fun break for the family or just for two? Then don’t miss out! Stay Play Explore offers varied selections of breaks, and you can win a break worth £149! What does it take to participate? Just five seconds of your time! Follow their instructions here:

Photo by Allen Taylor – Unsplash

The Hertfordshire area has a lot of outdoor places to visit. For example, discover Paradise Wildlife Park, Willow Activity Farm and much more. I can’t wait to receive the next issue and learn about what Hertfordshire activities will be on offer next half-term!

Valuable links to check out:

Primary Times Facebook Group

Family Fitness Tips Hertfordshire #2 Jump In Trampoline Park Elstree

When it’s foggy and wet outside, we’d love to snuggle up on our sofa with a TV blanket. Or explore cool indoor places! Jump In Trampoline Park Elstree is indeed a perfect place to visit with your family – and not only this time of the year!

What Jump In Trampoline Park Elstree looks like? Imagine spacious indoor area with tons of trampolines for all ages, soft play and a lovely cafe! Why not to book a birthday party, jump & play session or relaxed sessions; which include rebound therapy? This is all on offer in Elstree Trampoline Park and definitely worth checking!

What is rebound therapy? Activities for children with special needs for example. Read a list of benefits here:

Did you know that jumping on a trampoline may help you to improve your cardiorespiratory fitness? This workout can actually turn into family fun activity with many healthy benefits for you and your loved ones!

How much does it cost?

Jumping for 1 hour, 30 minutes  £9.45


YES! That’s right! Their first CLUB NIGHT is Valentines Night from 7-9pm!

Visit their website to check out their opening times for Jump & Play and Toddler time and their first CLUB NIGHT here!

Family Fitness Tips Hertfordshire #1 Potters Bar Indoor Climbing

Are you planning to start healthier lifestyle as a family?
Indoor Climbing can be a super-duper family fun activity! Furzefield leisure centre in Potters Bar will offer you multiple different climbing walls and it’s suitable from age 4 to 94 and with no prior climbing experience!

We’ve booked our climbing session twice already – spaces are limited so you need to book upfront. For some reason, I was unable to complete my reservation through their website, so I made it over the phone. It went smoothly and they even sent me a copy of my receipt!

  • Child Ticket – Climbing – Cost £10.50
  • Adult Ticket – Climbing – Cost £13.95
  • Adult & Child Ticket – Climbing – Cost £21.00

On the day, we’ve arrived at Furzefield leisure centre approximately 15 minutes prior to our session beginning. The parking space is for free and can be quite full at times. Once we entered the main reception area, I’ve presented my copy of the receipt. They have asked us to enter the premises and pointed us to the climbing area. We walked through a door where was soft play and a small cafe. The young lady asked us to go back through the door again; turn right and sit down in front of a small TV. We were going to watch a short video and await a member of staff to take us to the climbing area.

Potters Bar climbing sessions last 60 minutes. The first 15 minutes you receive safety information – by watching a short safety video outside the climbing area and by watching a member of staff in the climbing area. Shoes that are not permitted include flip flops, sliders, crocks, professional climbing shoes and similar shoes. We went with trainers and it worked fine!

Once we were in the climbing area and familiar with the rules, we started climbing the walls! My daughter is four years old, so I was helping her at the beginning. She was very good climbing up, but struggled to jump off for the first time. After a little encouragement, she did it! The staff is very nice and encourage young kids to explore the area without fear. Indoor climbing does help to improve children’s confidence as they try new walls and master their climbing skills.

You do need to work with your arms when climbing up the walls. The next day, my body was a bit sore. All in all it was worth the experience though. We spent good quality time together, explored something new, did a little workout and definitely have a place to go on a rainy day!

Feel free to check out their video below and if you’re going to go, don’t forget to bring a bottle of water along!


Furzefield Climbing

What would you recommend to check out in Hertfordshire as a family fun activity?