How To Spend Less Time Cooking To Be More Time With Your Family?

Fabulous read is on fire! Our next Hertfordshire Community guest is Maria Calzada Oliva – originally from Spain, currently living in Welwyn Garden City; Hertfordshire. Maria is an inspiring woman and a mother of three children, juggling household and running her own business as an independent Thermomix adviser.

Healthy food. Less time cooking. More time spent with family.

What is Thermomix?

Thermomix is a smart-looking ingenious must-have kitchen appliance which saves you time with meals planning, writing shopping lists and cooking! Have you heard about Cookido? It is an international platform full of healthy recipes you can schedule for your weekly planner! Once you purchase and welcome Thermomix at your home, this platform is available to you for FREE for six months, and then there is a fee of £30 for a yearly subscription.

It’s an amount fair to ask as you’ll have access to over 50,000 healthy recipes and you can look forward to regular monthly additions. This intelligent kitchen helper generates your shopping list according to your scheduled weekly planners -> more time with your family and less time in the kitchen! All you need to do is shopping and eat your fancy meal!

Healthy dinners and effortless cooking with Thermomix. 

Thermomix reminds me a bit of a medium-size magic box which you fill with all sorts of healthy ingredients, follow simple instructions on the appliance’s screen and wait for your fresh and hearty meal to be ready. With Thermomix, you can focus on other day-to-day tasks without being worried that your meal may get burnt!

Still not convinced to purchase Thermomix?

Welwyn Garden City residents are lucky to have Maria in town, and that is when her exciting journey as an independent Thermomix adviser begins. Maria demonstrates in your own kitchen what magic can be done and gives you a chance to run the show! Before she meets you, you receive an attractive menu with a list of ingredients to purchase. Once you schedule a day and time in your diary to meet Maria, your Thermomix journey can begin too. This experience is perfect to organise for a group of friends or just for you. Why not browse Cookido recipes for free for 30 days? Get the idea of what your next dinner may look like!

Thermomix demonstrations are also available online! Maria will invite you virtually to her own kitchen to introduce her Thermomix and will answer any questions you may have!

Example of a menu to cook with Maria:

Picture provided by Maria

Example of a Cookido recipe from

Photo from

Maria is sharing regularly on her Facebook group her Thermomix culinary art

What others say about Maria?

Please contact Maria for more information:

Watch a youtube video about Thermomix here:

Adore Nature; a business mission that makes a difference

Adore Nature.undefined It is a unique brand which strives to make a difference to our health and environment.

Today, Fabulous Read is going to talk about Kathy Hugill – a founder of Adore Nature, a firm believer in the benefits of natural products, and an incredible entrepreneur who strives to make a difference to our health and environment.

Kathy was interested in using non-plastic items herself. Soon enough, she realised that it wasn’t so easy to find everything in one place; thus, the idea of launching Adore Nature was born! With Adore Nature, you can purchase non-plastic everyday items, chemicals-free accessories for your household and even eco-friendly toys for your beloved fluffy friends! Everything is easy to review on one platform! Or If you would like to have a feel of their products – their shop is located in Stotfold, Hitchin! 

In their Stotfold’s shop, you can also meet Kathy! She is a true ambassador of Adore Nature. She will happily offer you advice on reducing waste or will share tips on how you can shop wisely to avoid low-quality products and excessive packaging.

Photo by Unsplash

Adore Nature; cruelty-free, sustainable, eco-friendly and high-quality products which are available in Stotfold store or delivered right to your doorstep!

Adore Nature works with trustworthy and certified manufacturers that are eligible to distribute their products in the UK and EU. Adore Nature prides to work with small to medium businesses and only offers products which are tested by Kathy before display.  

Hang on; this doesn’t end here, though! They are on a mission. Keep reading to find out more!

But First..

What can you purchase from Adore Nature?

Anything for:

  • Hair and Beauty
  • Skincare
  • Bathroom
  • Home
  • On the go
  • Pets
  • Gifts & Goodies
  • Food

Let’s list a couple of products!

Kitenest- Clove & Lime Lip Balm 12ml

Description By Adore Nature:

A completely natural clove & lime lip balm to care for and protect your lips. The nourishing Shea butter and coconut oil moisturise dry and cracked lips back to health whilst the addition of beeswax creates a protective layer to lock in moisture.

All their Lip Balms are lightly fragranced with essential oils and preserved using natural vitamin E.

Head In The Woods-Reusable Baby Wipes (10 Pack )

Description By Adore Nature: 

  • Head In The Woods Baby Wipes are great to cut back on unnecessary waste within the household, hundreds of tonnes of baby wipes each day get stuck and block our sewage systems or those that escape the filter systems go into our oceans which has a knock on effect to our marine life.
  • These super soft wipes are easy to use, kind to baby’s bum, reusable and also great as facial wipes. 
  • Simply add some water and use as usual. Store them wet in a box, or just run under the tap as and when needed, Put 50/50 water and oil in a small spray bottle, shake well and spray on the skin before wiping. It cleans up the baby’s bum even easier, and leaves the skin soft and moisturised.

Eco Living-6 Smoothie Silicone Straws & Plant-Based Cleaning Brush Trade

  • Eliminate Millions of Plastic Straws used every day with these Genuine Premium Food-Grade Reusable Silicone Straws! No Plastic Fillers!
  • Do you want to reduce your plastic-pollution? This set is not only designed to reduce single-use plastic but to also reduce micro-plastics from entering our oceans.
  • Available in a 6 pack of wide SMOOTHIE straws or STANDARD width straws. 
  • 24.5cm STANDARD STRAWS have a 5mm inside diameter and are a suitable everyday straw. 
  • 25cm SMOOTHIE STRAWS have a 9mm inside diameter and are perfect for smoothies 
  • These 100% Pure Silicone Straws are tested non-toxic and contain no plastic-fillers!
  • What’s great about Silicone Reusable Straws?
  • Never be without a straw. They are so easy to fold up and take out with you. I keep one folded up in my purse so I am never without. Soft on your teeth, no risks of a chipped tooth! Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Long-lasting and durable. Easy to manoeuvre, to get the perfect drinking position. Long enough for tall drinks and can be cut to a shorter size if you prefer. 

Key Features and Major Advantages  

  • 6 Reusable Food-Grade Silicone Staws – Never Throw a straw away again!
  • BIODEGRADABLE plant bristle cleaning brush (NO PLASTIC!) The bristles on the cleaning brush are plastic-free and made of plants.
  • GOTS certified organic cotton carry pouch with a secure drawstring closure. Made of natural thick organic cotton canvas. GOTS certified and with fair wages.
  • The travel pouch is also handy for carrying travel cutlery or other zero waste essentials
  • 100% Pure Food-Grade FDA/LFGB certified Silicone. No plastic-fillers! Non-Toxic
  • Comes in recycled card PLASTIC-FREE packaging!
  • Designed by a UK company committed to eliminating micro-plastics 
  • 100% VEGAN 
  • Lifetime Guarantee
Photo by Unsplash

Great people have great ideas. Adore Nature is busy planning their future and Fabulous Read was lucky to find out more!

Their new mission is to incorporate these plans below within Adore Nature brand:

  • Supply of gravity bins and containers to reduce waste with dry food
  • Vegan food supply
  • Dairy products; plastic free wrapping
  • UK made mainly

For many consumers, it’s crucial to feel good about their purchase. Not only for the quality of the products, but also for the impact they can make on the environment, their health and much more. Rest assured, this is what Adore Nature can offer!

For more details please visit their website here: Adore Nature

Follow Adore Nature on Instagram:

or like their Facebook page:

Why hiring remote help might be a good idea?

Sales departments focus on turning leads to sales. Customer service team members strive to provide a first-class service, but what happens when you are only ONE PERSON working from home? Or if you are an office-based business owner that only needs help from time to time? Or you might not be in a position to release funds to hire a new team member. Getting help doesn’t always need to be expensive, though!

First, there are tons of articles on how to organise your day effectively – time management is crucial indeed. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on so many circumstances.

When time management tips don’t work for you, you may want to consider welcoming onboard remote workers. Are they reliable, though? True. Office-based employees make their presence to the office by 09:00 am every day, report back to you whenever you request, but does that make them necessarily more reliable? Not really. It’s natural to feel a bit sceptical about hiring your first remote help, but it doesn’t need to be any different from hiring a person to the office.

Make a clear list of tasks

Social Media Management – you’ve heard about content planning so many times. They say sit down, plan your social media content for a month, schedule your posts, once a day respond to questions and engage with your potential clients -> job done. Are they kidding? There are so many projects you are juggling at the same time. Who’s got time for this?

Remote workers do! They are creative and love anything around Social Media Management.

Data Entry – Admin tasks can be very daunting. If it’s data entry that is stopping you from generating more leads and sales, rest assured remote workers can undertake any of these tasks so you can focus on other aspects of your business!

Sales strategy & Competitors Analysishow do you respond to your clients? What are the “buzz” words you use to attract your audience? How can your product benefit your clients? You may have written a business plan when you first started running the show, but the market place has been changing all the time. Listen to your clients by creating a survey and investigate what successful competitors do. Time consuming? Hire a remote worker to help you with that!

Customer service strategy The quality of product/service and client experience are pretty much the main reasons why clients decide to buy from you. It’s vital to have a strategy, and your unique voice which builds a brand persona that everyone will love. It can be stressful to work on various projects when other tasks keep you busy. Here we come again – hire a remote worker!

Photo by Unsplash

Cheap is not always the best. Too expensive, it’s not necessary. Taking your time to make the right decision is your money spent wisely!

How to recruit a remote worker?

Start working on the recruitment process. It’s essential to think about what attributes and skills your candidates should have. Please make a list and review each candidate’s application carefully. What’s next stage? Whoever scored the most will be invited to a Skype interview! Have you heard of Munro Fraser five-fold grading system?  It’s is a recruitment method, which you may find helpful when recruiting a couple of candidates. I have created one for you below for inspiration!

Profile of the candidate:

Have clear interview questions. We’ve listed five questions for inspiration, but we recommend at least ten questions.

Grading system. Who is the winner?

Remote workers can help you to offload tasks that make you stressed. My tip would be hiring a remote worker who can’t wait to learn about your products from the inside out. And hiring a remote worker who is eager to support your business. Also hiring a remote worker who shows what they have accomplished!

All the best with hiring!

With love, FabulousRead


Where to Relax in Broxbourne; Waltham Abbey

Hertfordshire Fabulous Read is introducing Rena Victoria Calloo; your Hertfordshire’s Beauty and Holistic Therapist who specialises in relaxation, body, mind and spirit reconnection and much more!

Siren Spa Therapies is pure bliss. Let’s keep reading to find out where to relax in Broxbourne and Waltham Abbey or in the comfort of your home! Yes! All possible!

Picture from Unsplash – text by Petra
Follow Rena Victoria on Instagram

Do you feel stressed? Do you have a busy lifestyle? 

Hour after hour, our to-do lists grow bigger, our days feel shorter and having time to relax and switch off seem to be the most challenging achievement, do you agree? 

Leading a healthy lifestyle is not rocket science; although, new beginnings may not always be easy. Starting a healthy lifestyle routine that lasts for a lifetime is the best decision to make.

If you can’t make it to the salon, Rena Victoria can make it to your home! So what keeps you on hold? Book your consultation with Rena Victoria today!

Let’s pause for a moment to explore what Siren Spa Therapies has on offer, and if you are too busy to stop by, why not to arrange a visit with Rena Victoria to your home? Having a full body massage, lymphatic drainage massage or treating yourself with an Indian face-lift rejuvenation in the comfort of your home saves so much of your time!  

Discover services with Siren Spa Therapies

  • Reiki Healing
  • Hot Stone Treatment
  • Deep tissue body massage
  • Crystal Healing
  • Holistic and Facial Treatments
  • Body Massage Treatments

Flowers can’t glow without the sun and water so you can’t glow without self-care.”

Where do I start?

Day by day, we get to accomplish what we classify as our priority. A healthy lifestyle can bring a lot of benefits to our physical and mental health. Make a healthy lifestyle your priority. Start today with Siren Spa Therapies! Step by step, little by little, schedule time just for yourself, not only for a one-off treat, spoil yourself regularly. “ME TIME” is priceless and very important. Look after your body and mind!

How can Himalayan Salt Stone Massage help me?

Rena Victoria will create a world for you, where time slows down, and relaxing music helps you to unwind. Himalayan Salt stones improve your sleep, blood circulation, and make your skin to look glowing. The heat from the stones soothes away stress and tension. Himalayan Salt stones have 84 natural, antibacterial and antimicrobial minerals, and when these are massaged into your body, they eliminate harmful toxins. “The best hot stone massage I’ve ever had,” one of her clients wrote about Rena Victoria. 

Another client wrote about Rena Victoria: 

Really enjoyed the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. During it I felt completely relaxed and found the stones to be very cleansing and like a light going over me. The exfoliating feel was also very pleasant. Victoria has great depth and pressure and worked out my knots. Thank you would definitely have it again. I felt extremely relaxed the next day and slept well.

This is just a little taster about what Rena Victoria can offer! For more details have a look below!

Siren Spa is 7 minutes away from the Broxbourne train station. 

For more information, please visit their website here: Siren Spa

Follow their Facebook page here: Siren Spa Facebook Page

Or follow on Instagram here: Instagram

FREE Hertfordshire What's On / Where to Go / What to Do Guide

Photo from Primary Times Website:

I am a runner – not a professional runner, though. I run from dawn to dusk, Monday to Sunday, January to December – nearly every day it’s the same  – morning school run, work, afternoon school pick-up, home time, dinner time, homework, laundry, writing by night, and that’s why I fell in love with Primary Times for Hertfordshire, my number one guide, which saves me time. With the impeccable content, I can plan our precious family moments efficiently. Are you running daily marathons too? Then you may want to keep reading!!!

Photo by Marisa Howenstine – Unsplash

About a week ago, I was lucky enough to find Primary Times magazine in my daughter’s school bag. I started reading it with delight. On the 27th of March, thousands of people will be wearing hats – one of the articles said. Are you wondering why? It’s for a good cause. Our students and staff will be joining the Wear A Hat Day fundraising event with many others too. The fundraising kit is on the way with a list of tips on how to run successful fundraising events. I work in an English Language School, and this event is a great opportunity to work with students and staff as one team. We are glad to support the most important brain tumour research in the UK. Anyone can join, here is their website:

Or it might be that you are looking to find a perfect venue for a birthday party or, you are interested to learn about the latest educational trends, or you may be seeking the next family fun event to go to. Whatever it is, with Primary Times, you can avoid countless hours of online searching on a Saturday morning or rushing to attend the next event just because your friend messaged you last minute. Instead, you can have your calendar packed with Hertfordshire Primary Times tips far in advance!

My Two Favourite Birthday Places listed in Primary Times

Photo from Cinnamon Square Website:

Hands-On Baking Parties and Workshops: How about organising a birthday party where children can dip their tiny fingers in dough and create something fun and tasty? All this and much more while you are sipping a cappuccino and enjoying a cake. If this sounds appealing, then Cinnamon Square may be on your list! It’s located in Rickmansworth and here is their website:

XC Adventurous party: The XC venue in Hemel Hempstead is a paradise for anyone with an adventurous soul. Have you ever thought about throwing a climbing party with food or skatepark parties with food and much more? Then you may like to visit their website:

More Tips From Primary Times

Are you ready to win a fun break for the family or just for two? Then don’t miss out! Stay Play Explore offers varied selections of breaks, and you can win a break worth £149! What does it take to participate? Just five seconds of your time! Follow their instructions here:

Photo by Allen Taylor – Unsplash

The Hertfordshire area has a lot of outdoor places to visit. For example, discover Paradise Wildlife Park, Willow Activity Farm and much more. I can’t wait to receive the next issue and learn about what Hertfordshire activities will be on offer next half-term!

Valuable links to check out:

Primary Times Facebook Group

Family Fitness Tips Hertfordshire #1 Potters Bar Indoor Climbing

Are you planning to start healthier lifestyle as a family?
Indoor Climbing can be a super-duper family fun activity! Furzefield leisure centre in Potters Bar will offer you multiple different climbing walls and it’s suitable from age 4 to 94 and with no prior climbing experience!

We’ve booked our climbing session twice already – spaces are limited so you need to book upfront. For some reason, I was unable to complete my reservation through their website, so I made it over the phone. It went smoothly and they even sent me a copy of my receipt!

  • Child Ticket – Climbing – Cost £10.50
  • Adult Ticket – Climbing – Cost £13.95
  • Adult & Child Ticket – Climbing – Cost £21.00

On the day, we’ve arrived at Furzefield leisure centre approximately 15 minutes prior to our session beginning. The parking space is for free and can be quite full at times. Once we entered the main reception area, I’ve presented my copy of the receipt. They have asked us to enter the premises and pointed us to the climbing area. We walked through a door where was soft play and a small cafe. The young lady asked us to go back through the door again; turn right and sit down in front of a small TV. We were going to watch a short video and await a member of staff to take us to the climbing area.

Potters Bar climbing sessions last 60 minutes. The first 15 minutes you receive safety information – by watching a short safety video outside the climbing area and by watching a member of staff in the climbing area. Shoes that are not permitted include flip flops, sliders, crocks, professional climbing shoes and similar shoes. We went with trainers and it worked fine!

Once we were in the climbing area and familiar with the rules, we started climbing the walls! My daughter is four years old, so I was helping her at the beginning. She was very good climbing up, but struggled to jump off for the first time. After a little encouragement, she did it! The staff is very nice and encourage young kids to explore the area without fear. Indoor climbing does help to improve children’s confidence as they try new walls and master their climbing skills.

You do need to work with your arms when climbing up the walls. The next day, my body was a bit sore. All in all it was worth the experience though. We spent good quality time together, explored something new, did a little workout and definitely have a place to go on a rainy day!

Feel free to check out their video below and if you’re going to go, don’t forget to bring a bottle of water along!


Furzefield Climbing

What would you recommend to check out in Hertfordshire as a family fun activity?