How To Spend Less Time Cooking To Be More Time With Your Family?

Fabulous read is on fire! Our next Hertfordshire Community guest is Maria Calzada Oliva – originally from Spain, currently living in Welwyn Garden City; Hertfordshire. Maria is an inspiring woman and a mother of three children, juggling household and running her own business as an independent Thermomix adviser.

Healthy food. Less time cooking. More time spent with family.

What is Thermomix?

Thermomix is a smart-looking ingenious must-have kitchen appliance which saves you time with meals planning, writing shopping lists and cooking! Have you heard about Cookido? It is an international platform full of healthy recipes you can schedule for your weekly planner! Once you purchase and welcome Thermomix at your home, this platform is available to you for FREE for six months, and then there is a fee of £30 for a yearly subscription.

It’s an amount fair to ask as you’ll have access to over 50,000 healthy recipes and you can look forward to regular monthly additions. This intelligent kitchen helper generates your shopping list according to your scheduled weekly planners -> more time with your family and less time in the kitchen! All you need to do is shopping and eat your fancy meal!

Healthy dinners and effortless cooking with Thermomix. 

Thermomix reminds me a bit of a medium-size magic box which you fill with all sorts of healthy ingredients, follow simple instructions on the appliance’s screen and wait for your fresh and hearty meal to be ready. With Thermomix, you can focus on other day-to-day tasks without being worried that your meal may get burnt!

Still not convinced to purchase Thermomix?

Welwyn Garden City residents are lucky to have Maria in town, and that is when her exciting journey as an independent Thermomix adviser begins. Maria demonstrates in your own kitchen what magic can be done and gives you a chance to run the show! Before she meets you, you receive an attractive menu with a list of ingredients to purchase. Once you schedule a day and time in your diary to meet Maria, your Thermomix journey can begin too. This experience is perfect to organise for a group of friends or just for you. Why not browse Cookido recipes for free for 30 days? Get the idea of what your next dinner may look like!

Thermomix demonstrations are also available online! Maria will invite you virtually to her own kitchen to introduce her Thermomix and will answer any questions you may have!

Example of a menu to cook with Maria:

Picture provided by Maria

Example of a Cookido recipe from

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Maria is sharing regularly on her Facebook group her Thermomix culinary art

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Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Face Massage DIY at Home


In my late 20s, I started to notice wrinkled forehead and fine lines under my eyes. At first, I was frustrated. Who wants to be getting old, right? Building a time machine seems to be an expensive, time consuming and insane idea. So let’s get old in style instead! Do you agree?

Abigail James; being described on her website as “The Queen of Bespoke Facials” by FORBES, published a few tutorials on youtube, which are really worth watching! Thanks to Abigail, I’ve established my own skincare routine and learnt simple face massage techniques, which keep my face fresh. Face massage is very relaxing and brings a lot of benefits to your skin too!

I practice skincare routine with face massage every day. It was very challenging at the beginning. Imagine an ordinary-looking woman running like a headless chicken, which has always written on her blouse; “BUSY”

I am sure you resonate with me here, right? In the end, I’ve made face massage a priority though along with other healthy lifestyle routines!

What about skincare products? In my opinion, it can be a bit hit and miss! I do have relatively dry and sensitive skin myself so I am not a big fan of cream experimenting; whatever works for me, I stick to it. At this moment, I apply a small amount of coconut oil for face massage. Holland & Barrett have often smaller version on sale for £1.

Useful links: Abigail James –

Abigail James Youtube Anti-ageing, Face lifting massage-

Photo source: Unsplash and Holland & Barrett websites