How To Improve Your Gut Health In 21 days?

In today’s post, Hertfordshire Fabulous Read is going to talk about Zoe Reast – a qualified Bowen Therapist, Health Coach, and ambitious professional who is offering Microbiome Gut Reset programmes, DNA testing for nutrition and The Bowen technique in Hertford.

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What is the Gut Microbiome?

In simple words, imagine trillions of microorganisms living in your intestinal tract, having an impact on your health and wellbeing. Everyone has their own unique gut bacteria footprint, but did you know that the imbalance of your gut bugs may affect your body weight, mood, or could be even responsible for irritable bowel movement? It doesn’t end here. Gut health may be linked to other diseases like colon cancer too. It’s no secret that your diet affects your microbiome balance, so let’s learn together what we can do to improve it.

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How can Zoe help you?

It’s easy. In your initial consultation, Zoe will prepare personalised lifestyle analysis, which helps to identify affected areas of your body. The next steps would be discussing how to improve your gut health in those affected areas.

Who would like to improve their gut health and feel better in 21 days? That’s right, changes start to show in 21 days. Just keep reading to find out more about the purify programme!

About the Purify Programme

The Purify Programme is a 21 day lifestyle changing programme, which cleanses and heals your digestive tract. We have learnt about the gut microbiome already, and the purify programme is very much linked to it. In fact, the programme consists of a combination of exercise, nutrition and supplements, which help to change your gut bugs balance for the better. This programme brings a lot of benefits – not only to your inner gut health. After all, many Zoe’s clients described massive skin improvements as well as noticeable increase in their energy levels and much more!

What the Purify Programmes offers?

  • 2 x one to one consultations with Zoe, a detailed lifestyle analysis and health questionnaire at the start and end, take your measurements and look at your health goals.
  • All the supplements to support you throughout the 21 days (one of them lasts 45 days)
  • Private Whatsapp chat support group throughout
  • Detailed guide book with around 50 recipe ideas
  • Ongoing support throughout the programme

What is purify friendly food?

The word “pure” may give us an indication that we are going to talk about some good stuff here – and that’s 100% correct. When you start with the purify programme, you will include specific food in your diet, which will support your gut health reset process. The Purify Programme lasts 21 days and is aiming for long term gut health improvements. Of course, you will be encouraged to carry on with good eating habits after the program – as to maximise its effect. Ideally, by undergoing this programme, you are hoping to make changes to your lifestyle too! Zoe’s role is to support you, explain the importance of your gut health, help you to make changes and teach you how to establish good eating habits.

The DNA testing for Nutrition

Have you ever thought about why you occasionally feel discomfort after eating? The DNA testing can find out whether you may have any yet unknown food intolerances. Isn’t it great to have an opportunity to learn a bit more about ourselves and what food to avoid? It almost feels like being able to change some parts of the future. Especially if the DNA test results may enhance our day to day life routines. 

How does the DNA testing for Nutrition work?

It starts with a sample of saliva and medically approved laboratory. The experienced team will analyse your DNA and test it against a large amount of food type, and then generate a personal report based on the results. This personal report will be shared and consulted with you. 

The Bowen technique and what is it?

Unlike other techniques that try to push muscles apart to release pain, Bowen works on the connective tissue level. The therapists use their bare hands and roll like movements to stimulate the body. This technique gives an impulse to under-active muscles to start working and to overactive muscles to release the pain. This method is very relaxing for the body and mind, and may release anxiety, general muscle stiffness, respiratory conditions and so on. 
Zoe says that using the Bowen Technique to balance a person from a structural and emotional perspective gives a holistic approach to healing the body.

When to seek a specialist? 

Message from Zoe: Many people will only look at gut health when they have a problem but really it should be used as a preventative measure to ensure health isn’t detrimentally affected in the first place. Everyone should consider gut health to be a lifestyle change, the programme will help to eliminate unhealthy habits, manage cravings and help you make better and more informed food choices going forward.

Why Zoe Reast? 

Nowadays, it is much easier to talk about the money situation, mental health, or gut health with specialists than it was before. However, having only the right set of qualifications may not be enough. Thanks to Zoe, many of her clients have been able to change their lifestyle for the better. Zoe provides confidential, unique, and professional services as well as exceptional client experience.

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