Trending: London to Amsterdam Eurostar Trips From April 2020

From April 2020, we can hop on Eurostar train and travel from London St Pancras to Amsterdam Centraal in 3 hours and 55 mins as per the trainline website and their current advertised cheapest one-way ticket is £35,76!

What to do in Amsterdam? The Telegraph published a great guide here:

We are hoping your travels are always stress free. Ideally, you can stay in a hotel, where you can enjoy nice breakfast in the mornings and room service. Off you go outside to explore the city, relax and take a lot of pictures. Stress free activities are definitely considered to be a part of healthy lifestyle! Happy travelling everyone!

The Guardian published a great article in 2017, which provides great information for families travelling with kids to Amsterdam!

Source on Eurostar launching direct service from Amsterdam to London:

Have you been to Amsterdam and what have you enjoyed doing?