Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Face Massage DIY at Home


In my late 20s, I started to notice wrinkled forehead and fine lines under my eyes. At first, I was frustrated. Who wants to be getting old, right? Building a time machine seems to be an expensive, time consuming and insane idea. So let’s get old in style instead! Do you agree?

Abigail James; being described on her website as “The Queen of Bespoke Facials” by FORBES, published a few tutorials on youtube, which are really worth watching! Thanks to Abigail, I’ve established my own skincare routine and learnt simple face massage techniques, which keep my face fresh. Face massage is very relaxing and brings a lot of benefits to your skin too!

I practice skincare routine with face massage every day. It was very challenging at the beginning. Imagine an ordinary-looking woman running like a headless chicken, which has always written on her blouse; “BUSY”

I am sure you resonate with me here, right? In the end, I’ve made face massage a priority though along with other healthy lifestyle routines!

What about skincare products? In my opinion, it can be a bit hit and miss! I do have relatively dry and sensitive skin myself so I am not a big fan of cream experimenting; whatever works for me, I stick to it. At this moment, I apply a small amount of coconut oil for face massage. Holland & Barrett have often smaller version on sale for £1.

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Photo source: Unsplash and Holland & Barrett websites