About me


I’m Petra, a village girl from Czechia, and for the past ten years, I’ve been living in the big city of London.. I am also the author of Fabulous Read -> my beloved short fiction writing space devoted to you!

So let’s get to know each other..

What do I do for a living? I’m a home-based Quality Assurance Officer and work for a residential English language school with six London locations.

I enjoy travel writing for @yourtravelwriter

Who am I other than a professional? A mamma to a precious six year old princess. And I can’t wait to welcome a new addition to our family this May. Our new baby boy. Yep. I am pregnant with number two and super excited!

Lastly, I’m a dreamer. I escape into my own imaginary world very often and I hope you’ll Join me Sometimes!

Who do I want to be? A “mamma hero” to my kids; a published book author; freelance copywriter; and I want to be helping others to feel great about themselves and about life too… Oh! And I want to spread the joy! 

Why did I start this blog? Because the other two failed. Yep. I’ll be honest. It didn’t work out. Is there anything that didn’t work out for you? 

Who is this blog for? For busy souls who want to put their feet up; take a break; and escape into a dreamy world with my stories… What can you find in this blog? Short fiction stories which are often set in real holiday destinations I visited myself or carefully researched places; engaging lines about common parenting worries; inspiring stories about personal growth and much more..

How can you follow me? If you like my work, then don’t miss another story! Follow me on Instagram.

Or follow my blog!

Is there anything else I could do for you? Copywriting gigs. Guest blogging. Make you laugh? Just tell me! 

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