Why hiring remote help might be a good idea?

Sales departments focus on turning leads to sales. Customer service team members strive to provide a first-class service, but what happens when you are only ONE PERSON working from home? Or if you are an office-based business owner that only needs help from time to time? Or you might not be in a position to release funds to hire a new team member. Getting help doesn’t always need to be expensive, though!

First, there are tons of articles on how to organise your day effectively – time management is crucial indeed. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on so many circumstances.

When time management tips don’t work for you, you may want to consider welcoming onboard remote workers. Are they reliable, though? True. Office-based employees make their presence to the office by 09:00 am every day, report back to you whenever you request, but does that make them necessarily more reliable? Not really. It’s natural to feel a bit sceptical about hiring your first remote help, but it doesn’t need to be any different from hiring a person to the office.

Make a clear list of tasks

Social Media Management – you’ve heard about content planning so many times. They say sit down, plan your social media content for a month, schedule your posts, once a day respond to questions and engage with your potential clients -> job done. Are they kidding? There are so many projects you are juggling at the same time. Who’s got time for this?

Remote workers do! They are creative and love anything around Social Media Management.

Data Entry – Admin tasks can be very daunting. If it’s data entry that is stopping you from generating more leads and sales, rest assured remote workers can undertake any of these tasks so you can focus on other aspects of your business!

Sales strategy & Competitors Analysishow do you respond to your clients? What are the “buzz” words you use to attract your audience? How can your product benefit your clients? You may have written a business plan when you first started running the show, but the market place has been changing all the time. Listen to your clients by creating a survey and investigate what successful competitors do. Time consuming? Hire a remote worker to help you with that!

Customer service strategy The quality of product/service and client experience are pretty much the main reasons why clients decide to buy from you. It’s vital to have a strategy, and your unique voice which builds a brand persona that everyone will love. It can be stressful to work on various projects when other tasks keep you busy. Here we come again – hire a remote worker!

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Cheap is not always the best. Too expensive, it’s not necessary. Taking your time to make the right decision is your money spent wisely!

How to recruit a remote worker?

Start working on the recruitment process. It’s essential to think about what attributes and skills your candidates should have. Please make a list and review each candidate’s application carefully. What’s next stage? Whoever scored the most will be invited to a Skype interview! Have you heard of Munro Fraser five-fold grading system?  It’s is a recruitment method, which you may find helpful when recruiting a couple of candidates. I have created one for you below for inspiration!

Profile of the candidate:

Have clear interview questions. We’ve listed five questions for inspiration, but we recommend at least ten questions.

Grading system. Who is the winner?

Remote workers can help you to offload tasks that make you stressed. My tip would be hiring a remote worker who can’t wait to learn about your products from the inside out. And hiring a remote worker who is eager to support your business. Also hiring a remote worker who shows what they have accomplished!

All the best with hiring!

With love, FabulousRead

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