Inspired by daily prompt Faceless

A young girl; burying her knees into a wet blanket was hoping to receive her first coin from anyone passing by the train station. It’s been two decades since I’ve seen a homeless person for the first time. It’s been heartbreaking – always.

In a slow motion; she started suddenly landing her bare feet on the ground and pushed herself up like ballerina. But she wasn’t stretching her dusty limbs to deliver an excellent performance. She was looking for a coin – so she wouldn’t finish her day with an empty stomach.

As if a pile of heavy books was sitting on my chest. As if I was going to finish my day feeling half empty too.

I was standing next to the young homeless girl; devastated as only betrayed woman can be; handing over my wedding ring.

She accepted it. And I finally left a faceless man – who betrayed me the most and who I used to call “my husband” for years —behind.

6 thoughts on ““Ring””

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and for stopping by. It doesn’t have to be sad from now on. There might be a new and exciting beginning for both. It’s up to our imagination. I would like to think that: The young lady sells the ring and receives good money and will use it wisely. And the broken-hearted woman will start a new beginning with a man who will actually deserve her love. What about you? What would you like to imagine?

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