“It’s me, Alan”

Inspired by one word prompts from the Daily Post 

It’s been a year since it happened. And since then my life changed too. When everybody left the house, the three of us (my mum, dad and myself) sat in silence. I was staring at the red carpet – the spot where he died. 

My mum broke the silence with loud sobs: “We told them it was you, Alan. We told them it was you.” She kept repeating. I just held my eyes wide open. What? Why did they just bury me alive? They wanted me to move to London. They wanted me to quit everything I worked hard for all these years. It meant nothing to them. Mike and I both worked in constructions. So why on earth did I not want to live with Mike’s wife and his child? Why did I not want to do the right thing? They had no idea how sick this was. They had no idea what would Mike think all about this. They had no idea what they were asking me to do. I was nobody to my parents.. I didn’t have a girlfriend. I didn’t give them grandchildren… Maybe they wished it could’ve been me who died that day. Maybe they wouldn’t grieve so much over me. Maybe they wouldn’t be killing themselves with the idea of what could happen to Mike’s family now when he was gone..Their blah blah how Luke could have a better future with father in it rather than without…And the fact Kate was brought up by her Uncle and Aunt..all these blah blah made me to agree to it. Yes. I became Mike. My identical brother. 


**The End**

8 thoughts on ““It’s me, Alan””

  1. I enjoyed your story. I find it really difficult to write from a prompt, so well done for coming up with such an interesting idea.



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