So here I am..writing my first poem. “Blush”


They say you never know what it’s like…unless you try..

So here I am….writing my first poem..

Inspired by one-day prompts from the Daily post. 

A white dove sits on my arm,

bringing me a white letter.

I read about Alexander, about his charm,

but he was not getting any better.

Why everybody thought he had a bad flu?

They knew nothing, they had no clue.

He is away for weeks, feeling lost, going back and forth,

hiding rosy cheeks, feeling like a ghost, writing about love.

He is like a scared animal, protecting his life in a bush,

even thinking about him, makes him totally blush.

Yes. That’s right – him. Alexander is in love with another man.

Nobody understands Alexander, only his secret lover can. 

They hide their feelings, write letters with no meanings,

meet at night, paint their future bright.

They don’t deserve to hide, they can’t wait to show their love

Let them walk side by side, wish all the best to both.

**The end**

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