“In cube ate!”

What a brilliant idea to join one-word prompts! Here I come – thank you for sharing.

“In cube ate! In cube ate!” Abi is shouting.

“What cube? What did she eat?” Stella asks her little sister. “No idea. I don’t speak French.”

“She is from France?” Stella raises her head in amusement.

“Didn’t you know? She arrived this morning.” Her little sister replies.

“I thought only Czech chickens were around.” Stella pauses for a moment.

“Not anymore. Everything is changing now. They are bringing chicken from all over the places.”

“In cube ate! In cube ate!” Abi is shouting again.

“Hey! You’re alright? What did you eat?” Stella cannot resist to ask Abi.

“What? Eat? Don’t you hear? I say: In cube ate!” Abi replies with a desperate voice.

“Sorry. I don’t speak French.” Stella walks away.

It’s getting dark – everyone is inside – except Abi.

When you don’t speak the same language – it’s not easy to communicate – especially – if nobody wants to listen.

Life can be pretty tough and no matter what language we speak – we can always find a way to communicate.

We can always find a way to help each other.

Abi was sitting on her eggs – shaking – feeling cold – until the farmer came and helped her inside.

**The End**



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